Thursday, January 29, 2009

Final Blog

I think that the tecnology in we used this semester was extreamly usefull and made it fun for me at least. Im glad that theres at least one class trying new ways of teaching instead of the old fashion way with textbooks and that kind of stuff. Besides my hand writing is awfull and this makes it easier to see my handwriting. So thats always good I guess. But ya the wiki space idea was a lot of fun. It makes a project a lot more fun then doing some boring project ya know. Also using this tecnology makes doing group stuff ten times easier. Instead of planning a day where we all can go to someones house, which is almost literally impossible with work and sports, we can instead just post what we need to do on blogs and wiki spaces. Thus making the whole thing a heck of a lot easier. If I were to change one thing though it wouldnt be anything that your doing just trying to get the school board to let use more of the internet, because its kind of aggrovating to try and get images when they dont work.

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